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We develop revolutionary equipment for the new generation rider.
We stand for proactive safety, function and performance with good horsemanship in focus.
Launching Q2 2023!

Why not revolutionize riding?

Design is all about asking yourself the questions “why?” and “why not?”. Why do thousands of people get seriously injured practising our sport every year? Why is it sometimes hard to reach that feeling of perfect harmony with your horse? Why not try and do something about it?

We knew from the start that wherever to answers to our questions where to be found, it sure wasn’t in an air-conditioned design office. 

Once you have experienced our equipment our design choices may seem obvious. But we only got here by questioning everything.

Why haven’t anyone designed a stirrup that adjusts to you instead of you having to adjust to a position that can be booth unnatural and uncomfortable? Why not create a stirrup that offers just as good a grip when your ride ends as it did when it started?